The Fish King Aquarium Services in Southern California

Whether you want an in-wall system, outdoor system, or free-standing aquarium, any size and shape can be achieved using your imagination and our overall effort.  With each aquarium set up or service, every customer can be assured that every step of the process will be delivered by consistent professionals who are very attentive and concerned with each customer, and their fish.

For the past 30 years, The Fish King Custom Aquarium, Inc. has installed and set up over 1000 custom aquariums.  Dale Douglass, the owner of The Fish King, has been an established hobbyist since childhood, researching all aspects of proper aquarium ethics, from installation to fish behavior.  It is a combined effort of Dale along with a team of dedicated aquarium experts that leads The Fish King installs and services above and beyond all others, with over 30 years of experience and familiarity of all aquatic life.

Each time an aquarium specialist services a tank, all aspects of the aquarium are monitored including water quality, disease prevention, overall tank presentation, and analysis of fish health.  If anything wrong is detected, the problem is quickly dealt with and resolved whether it be a simple water change, or removing an unhealthy fish from a tank and keeping it in our hospital tanks for monitoring and recuperation.

Imagine being able to view an underwater environment with all its beauty and splendor without having to agonize about anything but feeding them.  The Fish King can help you, your family or clients achieve that, allowing you to relax and be entertained as you observe this living piece of art.

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